Atlantic Coast Title Group Added Four New Agents To Our Client List

We are happy to announce that four new agents have started using us for their short sale processing. What is interesting to note is that all the agents are with Real Estate Offices that have in house short sale processing. 

Why did they make the change?


At ACTG we have one highly experienced individual handle the file from start to finish. This allows for greater efficiency and faster approvals. 

The negotiators tend to react better when you respond quickly to their request. Waiting days or weeks to upload documents or answer questions is a sure way to place the negotiator into a complacent attitude which slows down the desired result of a approval. 

At ACTG we have the ability to review each file daily! This allows us to keep the negotiator on task and moving forward without having to stop and start and the end result of our system is faster approval!

Considering buyers walk from short sales due to a lack of activity and by allowing us to get approval faster the likelihood of a successful close is greater with our proven system